Bored Hipsters NFT

Creator | Artist | Developer


Bored Hipsters is a collection of 500 unique hand-drawn artworks. I used the Hashlips art engine to randomnly generate unique the collection. I also used the art engine’s minting dapp code to create the website where users can mint the NFTs on the Polygon blockchain. The concept is intended represents the beautiful and diverse people from around the world where art and self-expression are celebrated.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Artist

  • Developer

  • Designer


An NFT collection is a limited-edition digital art collection made up of unique, cryptographic tokens, each with their own individual traits, issued by an artist or group of artists. Ever since NFT's where invented, I knew I wanted to create my own collection. Bored Hipsters is an idea I came up with inspired by the first NFT collection ever created, Crypto Punks and the successful Bored Ape Yacht Club collection.



After I came up with the concept, I began sketching up ideas and playing around with different styles for the artwork. I knew I wanted to strike a balance between friendly and playful with a sense of humor.


I knew I wanted to strike a balance between friendly and playful with a sense of humor. So, I came up with a clean line aesthetic that reflected a cartoon style which made the artwork feel more relatable and approachable.

500 Unique Artworks

I used an open source library to generated 500 unique artworks based on the variety hand drawn layers I developed. Here's an early version where I was testing out how all the assets aligned and also tweaking the colors.

Minting App

The open source library I used also came with some code to implement the NFT minting functionality into the website. Minting is the way users can purchase an NFT directly from my website. I decided to use the Polygon blockchain because of the extremely low gas fees.


The result was 500 unique, algorithmically generated artworks produced by remixing the various hand drawn layers.

Thanks for reading!